2 years ago

Recommended application of high temperature and high speed lubricating grease for NSK bearing

High temperature and high speed NSK bearing grease: higher temperature thickener thickening synthetic oil, and add multi effect additive, is a long-term withi read more...

2 years ago

Three types of bearings used in heat sink

Normally, you will discover three kinds of bearings employed in heat sink products: the usage of sliding friction sleeve bearings and rolling friction ball bearings and two sorts of bearings in the form of mixed.

In recent years, new tec

2 years ago

Arrange ushering bearing inspection after installation

Arrange ushering bearing inspection soon after installation

Installing a INA Bearing, shaft circle shall be checked and verticality of shaft centerl read more...

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NTN bearing alloy corrosion is generally area for the lubricating oil is not pure

The car can get rid of the bearing oil seal packaging are going to be delivered before the routine inspection, and will be immersed in washing gasoline containing 3% oil or kerosene in acid absolutely free rotation on the outer ring, and very care read more...

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The five characteristics of NSK bearing

1.NSK ball bearings are hard to comply with the higher accuracy

Via the usage of NSK development of grinding procedures and measuring instruments, to achieve a exclusive degree of accuracy.

two superb durability

Via t

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Bearing at the fixed end of the FAG bearing must be fixed at the same time with the shaft and bearing box

3How to configure the FAG bearing influence around the accuracy on the basic bearing shaft is supported on the radial and axial path with two bearings, the si read more...